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This guide gives an overview of sources on law

Privacyrecht / Privacy Law

Privacy and data protection sometimes appear to be recent issues but their underlying problems go back decades or centuries; how to deal with gathering and storage of personal data and how to regulate its (ab)use.

"I have nothing to hide" is a common remark. However, governments, companies and private persons can collect, combine and use data from many sources, the issue being exacerbated (or at least, complicated) through the globalized world with its increasing speeds at which data can be transmitted, collected and shared. To say nothing about the many ways through which data will be created and can be collected; social media, government portals, search engines, internet cookies, sign-up lists, questionnaires, games, subscriptions, doctor visits, shopping. Everything leaves data.

Turning back the clock being out of the question, the issue is how to regulate the use and to prevent or penalize the abuse.

This research guide is intended to provide an overview of current online (re)sources on the subject, so that researchers, academics, professionals and interested laypersons may have a good start in engaging the subject.

Books at Erasmus University Rotterdam

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

An official and freely accessible update of selected articles can be found here: SSRN

Guide to the GDPR

Online copy.

GDPR : General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679

EUR Library, Sanders Library, online copy.

GDPR for Dummies

Online copy

Tekst & Commentaar Privacy- en gegevensbeschermingsrecht

Eerdere editie verschenen als: Telecommunicatie- en privacyrecht :de teksten van de Telecommunicatiewet, de Roamingverordening, Instellingswet ACM, de Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens, delen van de Mediawet en de Wet informatie-uitwisseling ondergrondse netten voorzien van commentaar, met toevoeging van aanverwante nationale en Europese regelgeving / onder redactie van: P.C. Knol, G.J. Zwenne.