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This guide gives an overview of sources on law

E-book collections

Erasmus School of Law publications


How to search for a journal in the A-Z list

For example, searching for Advocatenblad.

  1. Click on the link Search e-journals below
  2. Type in the title: Advocatenblad
  3. The search result lists any title matches.
  4. Click a linked title to view journal details including links to full-text content.
How to browse for a collection

For example, searching for journal titles of Boom Juridische Uitgevers.

  1. Click on the link Browse A-Z collections below
  2. Click on the B
  3. Browse (scroll) in the list to Boom BJU ejournals (JUBO) and click on the link. In the main panel you'll see a short selection of titles in this collection.
  4. Click the button View all journals in this collection to see the other titles.

General law journals

Case law


With more than 7000 statutory schemes and more than 100,000 individual comments, Lexplicatie (the continuation of the Schuurman & Jordens book series online) is the largest collection of commented laws and regulations in the Netherlands. Titles in the Lexplicatie-serie are available via:

  • Kluwer Navigator > Uitgaven > Lexplicatie-serie
  • > Commentaren > Lexplicatie
  • sEURch