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This guide gives an overview of sources on law

Health Law Resources

Healthcare is highly regulated through laws and regulations and these are in turn influenced and modified according to (changing) ethical and pragmatic considerations.

While the Hippocratic Oath is almost universally known (although mostly by name) and provides an ancient set of guidelines for healthcare, medical sciences are developing rapidly and that which our ancestors could not imagine is now possible.

Modern medicine and procedures have impacted both our quantity and quality of life. New questions are being asked to both medical professionals and lawyers; when is life worth living? Is life extension ethical when it is painful? Is abortion/euthanasia allowed to prevent/end suffering? Should we create of modify humans? Can one assign a value to human life? Is a treatment "too expensive"? What if a treatment fails? How to deal with malpractices?

This section on Health Law provides you with an overview of sources and materials available to students and researchers at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The future is yours to shape.

The following Information Skills guides are useful for citing and writing

Evaluating: handling information and statistics

Refworks: using EUR's citation manager

Integrity: citing, paraphrasing and plagiarism

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