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This guide gives an overview of sources on law



Welcome to the Law Library Guide



This guide provides an overview of available and recommended sources of law for students, researchers and employees of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Sections on Dutch law are bilingual, while general/international sections are in English.

Use the menu to jump to content sections within the guide. On a PC/MAC the menu is on the left, on a mobile it's at the top of the page.
Use the browser scroll bar to see all content in a long section. Click the up button up buton to return to the top of a section.

This guide is divided in several sections;

  • A-Z Databases Law: databases on law available to students and staff members from Erasmus University
  • Blog: news on services and updates on the library guide.
  • Legal News: for staying up to date on legal developments.
  • Tools: library catalogues, writing and citing guides, dictionaries and encyclopedias, metrics
  • Introductions to Sources: an introduction to Dutch and international legal sources
  • Publiekrecht / Public Law: Dutch sources on Public Law (Constitutional, Administrative and Criminal Law)
  • Privaatrecht / Private Law: Dutch Sources on Private Law (Family, Legal Entities, Property, Inheritance, Company, Contract, Transport and international Private Law)
  • International and Foreign Law: Human Rights, International Criminal Law, 
  • European Union Law: Resources on the European Union

    Special Guides:
  • Tax Law / Fiscaal Recht
  • Privacy Law / Privacyrecht
  • Labour and Social Law / Arbeids- en Sociaal Recht
  • Health Law / Gezondheidsrecht
  • Arbitration / Arbitrage

Contact me directly for the research guide, instructions and support.

Contact the University Library for information on borrowing, renewing or reserving a publication, or on studying in the library.

Contact the Sanders Law Library for information on the collection located there and opening times.

Every item in this research guide will have one or multiple icons to explain how to access the sources or provide more information.

Access Indication Information Indication

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