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This guide gives an overview of sources on law


New: EU Law Live 

The library has subscribed to the blog EU Law Live, containing news, analysis and op-ed articles concerning the law of the European Union.
Highly relevant for lawyers, academics, politicians, and the general public, EU Law Live covers developments in all fields of law, including taxation, institutions, technology and intellectual property. The blog is organized in 11 sections, complemented with a special section on the Covid-19 pandemic. 
EU Law Live is updated during the day.

You can:

  • Read news, analysis and op-eds
  • View the daily agenda regarding EU law
  • Evaluate books based on reviews in the Library section
  • Check upcoming and past EU law events in the Events section
  • Quickly view the Weekend Edition for a selection of the most important op-eds, analysis and news

 We hope that this blog is useful in staying informed on the law of the European Union.

EU Law Live

COVID-19 Pandemic Extra Resources

Many publishers are providing extra access to resources. A list of these resources can be found here

CaselexEUR Trial Access: Caselex Market Definitions Module (Merger Control)

Caselex offers user-friendly access to English summaries of all market definitions, including the underlying rationale, captured from the merger control decisions of 32 EU and EFTA Member State competition authorities as well as those from DG COMP. Spanning 2000 to present, the database contains over 13.000 summaries, generating over 40.000 unique market definitions. 

  • Conduct your research within the richest database for M&A decisions and the only search engine for market definitions in English
  • Identify, analyse and predict trends in market dynamics, with numbers to back you up
  • Block the noise and focus on the most relevant precedents for your research, with our enhanced search and filter options

Trial access is available to students and academics at the EUR until 30 September 2020

  • For access to Caselex please contact Niels van Tol at


This subject guide provides an overview of available and recommended sources of law for the students, researchers and employees of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Use the menu to jump to content sections within the guide. On a PC/MAC the menu is on the left, on a mobile it's at the top of the page.
Use the browser scroll bar to see all content in a long section. Click the up button up buton to return to the top of a section.

The content sections move from general to specific.

Home points you towards search tools such as sEURch, the EUR library's integrated search engine, and legal search tools that help you navigate content in publishers' portals. You can also view a video recording (45 mins) of a lecture given (in Dutch) by the former Faculty Liaison René Winter for 3rd year Law students. René points students to information sources and databases on Law available for EUR students at the Erasmus University Library and accessible through this guide.

Tools provides all sorts of useful reference works; look up abbreviations used in Dutch legal citation, find a definition of a legal concept in a dictionary or an introductory article in an encyclopedia. You'll also find guidelines for annual reports and templates for legal practice.

Legal news provides sources for Dutch and International (legal) news.

A-Z databases - Law lists all the databases alphabetically with a short description.

Recommended sources and journals for specific fields of law are listed next:
General Law
Civil Law
Criminal Law
European Law
Foreign and International Law
Labour and Social Law
Privacy Law
Public Law
Tax Law

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this guide, or need further help with using this guide or your area of research, please let me know!

Library catalogues

sEURch - Erasmus University Library
sEURch returns details of books, book chapters, journals, journal articles, etc. from libraries worldwide through Worldcat, giving priority in the search result to those items held by Erasmus University Rotterdam.

NB Content from Kluwer Navigator does not show automatically in the search result. Also, not all content in Kluwer Navigator is available in the EUR collection. To view results from Kluwer Navigator in sEURch:

  • Click Advanced search
  • Scroll down in the list of databases to 'Other databases'
  • Select Kluwer
  • Scroll up to the top of the list of databases and click Save Changes

Legal search tools



Video recording (45:33) of a library lecture given (in Dutch) by René Winter for 3rd year Law students. René Winter points students to information sources and databases on Law available to EUR students and accessible through the Law Guide.