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Course Research Impacts: YOU in Scopus

YOU in Scopus

How can you make sure your publications are assigned to you by Scopus? Scopus advises authors to search for their own author profile and request author detail corrections to assign documents to them when they are not already assigned, or to delete incorrect publications from their publication list.

First use the Author Search and search with your name (and affiliation). In the Author results, click on your name(s) and check the documents assigned to that Author ID. Click Request author detail corrections under the graph on the Author details page if changes have to be made.

Scopus calls this the Author Feedback Wizard.

Scopus Author Feedback Wizard

It’s also possible to merge author sets from the author results page. Mark the author profiles with your publications and click the link Request to merge authors.

TIP: A manual about how to manage your Scopus Author ID can be downloaded here.