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Course Research Impacts: YOU in Scopus

YOU in Scopus

How can you make sure your publications are correctly assigned to you by Scopus? Scopus advises authors to search for their author profile and request author detail corrections to assign documents to them when they are not already assigned, or to delete incorrect publications from their publication list.

First use the Authors Search and search with your name (and affiliation). In the Author results, click on your name(s) and check the documents assigned to that Scopus Author profile. Click Edit profile on the Author details page if changes have to be made. You need a Scopus account to be able to request corrections. 

The feedback page has four headers: 

  • Author details
    Here you can choose the preferred name and the current affiliation - the lists are based on the information in the documents linked to the author profile.
  • Documents
    You can remove documents from the profile. To add documents indexed in Scopus, but not linked to the correct author profile, scroll down and use the Search for missing documents on Scopus option.
  • Preprints
    You can remove preprints from the profile. Preprints are derived from arXiv, bioRxiv, ChemRxiv, medRxiv, Research Square, SSRN and TechRxiv.
  • Awarded grants
    Currently the Scopus grants database show the historical funding awards from a selection of US funders. When the researcher is listed as the principle investigator or co-awardee, the awarded grant will appear on the author profile.

When you make a change, a button Review x change(s) appears at the bottom of the page. Review the changes and click Submit request.


You can link your Scopus Author Profile and your ORCID record - your ORCID iD will be visible on your Scopus Author Profile and your Scopus Author ID on your ORCID record.