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Course Research Impacts: YOU in Google Scholar

YOU in Google Scholar

There is not much you can do about the content of Google Scholar and thus of Publish or Perish. When your articles cannot be found by Google Scholar, you can ask your publisher to contact Google Scholar, to have the content indexed.

If the description of a publication is wrong, you’ll have to ask the owner of the website to correct it. When the robots of Google Scholar visit that webpage again, the changes will be updated in Google Scholar as well, but that can take some time!

Google Scholar Citations

However, to make sure other researchers can find the publications you’ve written in Google Scholar you can create your own Google Scholar Citations profile. You match your publications to your profile (so no publications of a researcher with the same name are used to calculate your H-index) and you can keep track of who is citing your work. When you make this profile public, it will appear in the Google Scholar results when people search for your name.

What you need is a Google account. Go to Google Scholar and login with your Google Account. Then click the button My Profile on top of the page.

First you have to enter your affiliation, interest etc. When you add your university email address as the email for verification, you can later make your profile public.

Next you’ll see group of articles written by you and by people with names similar to yours. From there you can add groups of articles to your list. When you click the link x ARTICLES you can add individual articles. You can also do a search for specific titles. 

Mark the articles you want to add to your profile. After the creation of the profile you can also add or delete publications manually.

In the next step Google will ask you what you want to do when the article data changes in Google Scholar: you can have the updates applied automatically, or you can review them beforehand.

Finally, you’ll see your profile. There you can for example upload a photo and make your profile public. To do this you need to click the verification link Google Scholar will send to your university emailaddress.

More information about Google Scholar Citations is available on this page.
Examples of Google Scholar Citation profiles of EUR researchers can be found here.

When someone searches in Google Scholar by your name you will appear on top of the results page.

Google Scholar search by author name - user profiles shown first

TIP: A manual about how to create your Google Scholar Citation Profile can be downloaded here (pdf).