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Course Research Impacts: Finding citing articles

Finding citing articles

Web of Science offers access to the reference lists of articles in this database. This makes it possible to search for citations: which article cites a known article or book?

  • Of documents indexed in Web of Science
  • Of documents not indexed in Web of Science
  • Creating a citation alert

Citing articles of documents indexed in Web of Science

For articles that are indexed by Web of Science, you can find the citing articles by clicking the link behind Times Cited in the search results.

Please note: The number of Citing Articles you’ll see reflects citations from all editions of the Web of Science, also for the editions we don’t subscribe to, like the Book Citation Index. This can cause differences between the number of citing articles you see in the overview and the number of articles in the results list.

Web of Science Citing Articles[click the image to enlarge it]

In this example the citations found in the Book Citation Index are added to the total number of citations, but they are not visible in the results, because the Book Citation Index is not part of the EUR-subscription.

Please note: some authors make sloppy reference lists – it’s possible there are mistakes in the reference, which make it difficult for Web of Science to match the citation to the cited article (that's based on computer algorithms, not hand-picked). It’s also possible that the citation is correct, but Web of Science can’t index the citation correctly, due to more technical reasons. If you need to be absolutely sure about the number of citations within Web of Science, you’ll have to do a cited reference search as well.

Web of Science Extra results with cited reference search

Citing articles of documents not indexed in Web of Science

To find citations you can also use the Cited Reference Search. In the Cited Reference Search you can search for books or articles NOT indexed by Web of Science: Web of Science searches in the references list of the documents that are indexed to find these citations.

Web of Science - Cited Reference SearchIn Step 1 you can search by cited author, title (of the article), work (that’s the journal title or the book title, NOT the article title!), year(s), volume, issue and/or pages. The fields are automatically combined with the AND operator. When you choose to search by cited author or cited work a magnifier glass appears: you can use this option to select authors or titles from the index in Web of Science.

Step 2 (see below) gives you a list of works found – often you find more than expected, for example because Web of Science doesn’t correct mistakes made in reference lists. If an author enters for example the wrong startpage of the article in his article, this will be treated as a different cited reference by Web of Science. Look for these variants as well!

Web of Science - Cited reference search step 2

In this example, the second and fourth 'cited work' have a different page number and the third ‘cited work’ shows the subtitle of the cited article instead of the journal the article was published in.

In the list you mark the cited reference(s) you want to see the citing articles of. Sorting the table can make it easier to find matches. You can also limit the search to certain languages and/or document types (this is for example useful when you want to find book reviews).

Click Finish Search to see the citing articles. Of these results you can use analyze these results and make a citation report (see the chapter 'Web of Science: search results' for more information).

In the video Web of Science - How to do a cited reference search (4:16) you can get more information about the Cited Reference Search of Web of Science.

Creating a citation alert

When you are looking at a record in Web of Science you see at the right side of the screen the Times Cited, and when available, the most recent citing articles. There’s also a button Create Citation Alert. When you click this button and you’re logged in, you can create an e-mail alert, to get a notification by e-mail when an article is added to Web of Science that cites this particular article.

An overview of your citation alerts is available under Tools > Saved Searches and Alerts, where you can modify the settings (including deleting an alert). There you also find the link for the RSS feed, the orange button behind RSS Feed. Click this button – a new screen opens. Copy the entire URL and paste it into your RSS reader (for example in Outlook).

To create an alert when new articles are added that fit your Cited Reference Search, you have to create a ‘normal’ search alert. Use the Create Alert button under 'You searched for...'.