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Course Research Impacts: Overview


In this course the three currently most used databases for measuring research impact, Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar and the metrics available in these sources, like the H-index, the Journal Impact Factor and the SNIP, are introduced.

After going through the Research impacts: sources and metrics course, you will be able to

  • treat impact metrics with care: you know the pros and cons;
  • find articles on a particular topic in Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar;
  • find citing articles;
  • find articles written by a particular author;
  • find the H-index of an author;
  • influence your own presence in these databases;
  • find relevant journals;
  • compare journals based on journal metrics;
  • decide which indicator to use for what purpose, especially in the social sciences and humanities.

‚ÄčThis course is ordered by database. This table gives a cross section of the course: you can see the topics covered for each database.

Finding Web of Science Scopus Google Scholar &
Publish or Perish
Articles on a particular topic Search Search Google Scholar
Citing articles Cited reference search Search Google Scholar
Articles by a particular author Author search
Author search Publish or Perish &
Google Scholar Citations
The H-index of an author Citation report Analyze author output Publish or Perish
Google Scholar Citations
You in the database ResearcherID & ORCID Scopus Author ID & ORCID Google Scholar Citations
Journals & journal metrics Journal Citation Reports Sources Journal Impact Analysis