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Course Research Impacts: Journals in Google Scholar

Journals in Google Scholar

The Advanced Search has the option to search by publication title, with the option 'return articles published in'. However, it's not possible to search by ISSN (which would give more specific results) and you can't order the search results by year of publication. This make Google Scholar not suitable for searching journals. Google Scholar does provide some journal metrics: under the hamburger button you find Metrics - with lists of top publications. When you click View All at the bottom of the initial list, you get a longer list, with the option to filter by Category and Subcategory. Please note: these metrics are based on articles published between 2016 and 2020 (both inclusive) and based on citations from articles indexed in July 2021 (last checked March 4, 2022). 

With the Publish or Perish software you can do an analysis of the impact of publications in a journal.

Journal metrics in Publish or Perish

When the query screen is empty, select Google Scholar. Behind Publication Name you have to enter the name of the journal. It’s recommended to enter the name in quotes, for example "Journal of happiness studies". Click the Search button to start the search.

Please note: The maximum of results Publish or Perish can show is 1000 publications, also in this case.

Publish or Perish Journal Search, for Journal of Happiness Studies

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