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Course Research Impacts: Finding citing articles

Finding citing articles

Scopus offers access to the reference lists of articles in this database since 1970. This makes it possible to search for citations: which article cites a known article or book?

Finding citing articles of documents indexed in Scopus

In the list of search results the number of citations a document received within Scopus is shown in the last column. This number is a link to the citing documents.

Number of citations in search results

When you are viewing the document in Scopus, you can use the box Cited by at the right side of the screen to see the times cited and to link to the citing documents.

Cited by in Document details

Finding citing articles of documents not indexed in Scopus

It’s also possible to find citations in Scopus to documents that are themselves not indexed in Scopus. Scopus uses the reference lists of the documents ín Scopus to find these citations.

For example: the book  'Good economics for hard times', written by Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo. 

A search in Scopus gives no exact result, but when you click the tab Secondary documents, you’ll find the documents found in the reference lists of documents in Scopus. From there you can find the citing documents.

Secondary documents in Scopus

Please note: Scopus doesn’t correct mistakes made in reference lists. For example, if an author uses the wrong start page of the article in his article, this can be treated as a different cited reference by Scopus. So, even when the articles is indexed in Scopus it can be useful to have a look at the Secondary documents as well.

Creating a citation alert

You can receive a notification when a document is cited within Scopus: click the title of the document and use the link Set Alert in the box Cited by. To receive the information by e-mail, you need a Scopus account. 

Scopus Citation Alert