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Business & Management (RSM)

This guide gives an overview of recommended sources for business and management research



"We live in good times for people who like to learn", Andrew Ng, Oct. 2020.

This guide provides an overview of recommended sources for business and management research. The guide will help you to find journals, books, reference works and data sources that are critical for research and education.

What do you want to learn?  Please write to us - whether you are just starting out or already an expert - we will guide you further!

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Latest News 

(February, 5th)

  • Patent Data.  US Patents and Citations are now available on WRDS. We are happy to inform you that the USPTO patents database is now accessible at the WRDS-platform. This high in demand resource compensates partly for the removal of the patent data in Orbis. WRDS provdes also a link from the USPTO data to Compustat.

  • Corporate Bond Database. WRDS holds a novel and unique corporate bond database compiled by WRDS Researchers. This WRDS Bond Database includes a very useful table that links bond and equity issues.
  • Startup - and Ventrure Capital Data available via CBInsights

    CBInsights provides comprehensive data from startups, VC investments, financings and exits, investments and acquisitions,  analyst consensus estimates and smart money investments. CBInsights is relevant to all innovation-related research and understanding of business developments within various sectors and technologies. Patent information is available for research accounts only. Contact if you want more information about access to the patent data in CBInsights.

    How to access CBInsights? Go to the library overview of all databases or start from the EDSC financial database list. Then navigate to CBInsights. You have to create an account with your full EUR email address to access the platform. Make sure also to use a VPN connection when accessing CBInsights.

    For more information contact or write to

  • All Matlab toolboxes (!) are now available at EUR, including several economics and finance toolboxes. The toolboxes are a great set of resources to learn economics and finance modeling, statistics and mathematics and AI and ML skills. 
  • To advance learning for AI and Machine Learning, the University Library now provides access to Morgan Claypool's AI and Machine Learning collection (access). 
  • The Financial Analysts Journal is now available without embargo.
  • The Journal of international business studies (OCN: 972004095) is now available without embargo (latest issue).
  • Dawson Books no longer accessible! Books that were previously accessible through Dawson are now available through VLeBooks. Note that the publisher does not provide direct links to the books previously held under Dawson. Please search for the title from the VLeBooks website to retrieve and access the title.
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