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Business & Management (RSM)

This guide gives an overview of recommended sources for business and management research


This guide provides an overview of recommended sources for business and management research. The guide will help you to find journals, books, reference works and data sources that are critical for research and education.

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Latest News 

(August, 27)

  • The Journal of international business studies (OCN: 972004095) is now available without embargo (latest issue).

  • All Matlab toolboxes are now available at EUR, including several economics and finance toolboxes. The toolboxes are a great resources to learn economics and finance modeling, statistics and mathematics and data-preprocessing skills. 

  • Dawson Books no longer accessible! Books that were previously accessible through Dawson are now available through VLeBooks. Note that the publisher does not provide direct links to the books previously held under Dawson. Please search for the title from the VLeBooks website to retrieve and access the title.

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