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This guide gives an overview of recommended sources for economics

Search engines

Find literature in sEURch, EUR's discovery tool

A search engine specific for economics, from our partner ZBW


Particular Topic

Literature on a particular topic

When you need to find literature on a particular topic, these databases are recommended:


These online encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks are recommended:


You can find online journals here:

Electronic journals at EUR

Quality journal lists according to EUR Research Institutes:



Working Papers

Working Papers are basically articles in progress. They are in the process of peer review. This will take some time that is why authors already publish a version. So a working paper show very recent research but not with the quality stamp of the peer review process yet.

First two resources which are gateways to a lot of workings papers, one paid license and one free internet resource:

Two other well know resources for working papers with already high academic status are:

Citation Databases

Articles will lead you to older articles through their literature list. There are also databases that record the citations. Searing with these citations will actually lead to newer literature. However keep in mind a citation is not always based on content. We all cite Tinbergen and often you also cite your supervisor. So if you have a great article you can use the citations to find newer literature.

Two great resources for this citation searching are:


When looking for data please go the Erasmus Data Service Centre (EDSC). The EDSC provides access to financial and social science databases and gives individual support and workshops for students and staff of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Fiscal Economists please also have a look at the Law Guide