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Business & Management (RSM)

This guide gives an overview of recommended sources for business and management research

EUR and Geospatial Research


This topic guide provides a curated list of resources that acts as a filter to data, tools and information resources for all research that involves geo-referenced and spatial characteristics. Economic activity is closely linked to geographical characteristics, whether studied at a macro-, meso- or micro-level. 

The “End of Geography” foreseen by Richard O’Brien (1992) seems nothing more than a shadow from the past. At the same time Paul Krugman’s writing that “The location of production in space is a key issue both within and between nations” is very much alive. Whether you approach geospatial characteristics, data and information from an economic, business, multi-national or data science perspective, GIS offer many opportunities for innovative research, business applications and fundamental insights in regional and multinational development.

EUR Research

EUR has a long-standing tradition for research in spatial economics and urban economics. Well-known EUR researchers are prof. Jan Tinbergen (publlcations), prof. Jean Paelinck and prof. Frank van Oort. Several EUR researchers are also involved in the Tinbergen Spatial Economics Research Group: 

Open Educational Resources

(Open) Geodata Resources and Tools

Data Resources and Software
Statistical Resources

Matlab, R and Stata provide specific spatial packages, functions and scripts to read, process and analyze geospatial data.