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EUR ORCID LibGuide: Using your ORCID iD

Publishing with your ORCID iD

More and more journals offer the option to log into their journal submission system with your ORCID iD. This has two advantages:

  • You only have to remember your ORCID iD credentials.
  • After authorizing the publisher to get your ORCID iD, the publisher can add your ORCID iD to your publications.

Examples are:

Login screen Behavioral Interventions with the option to login with ORCIDLogin screen to submit to Journal of Business Economics with the option to use ORCID to login

Click a picture to enlarge it.

Using ORCID in Altmetric Explorer

In Altmetric Explorer you can find online attention for your scholarly publications: mentions on Twitter, in news outlets or in policy documents. To find your own publications, you can use ORCID iD in the advanced search. Altmetric Explorer uses the public API of ORCID to find the publications linked to an ORCID iD. 

  • Open Altmetric Explorer
  • Click the button Edit Search at the top of the screen
  • Mark Full Altmetric database
  • In the ORCID field, enter your ORCID iD
  • Click the button Run search

When you create an account in Altmetric Explorer you can save the search and get an e-mail from Altmetric Explorer with an update of new mentions. 

  • Click the button Sign in in the left down corner 
  • When signed in, a button save search will appear in the right upper corner - click that button
  • Open the Saved searches - the second button on the left side of the screen
  • Mark the type of report you want to receive (daily, weekly or monthly)

Using ORCID to login in other systems

Not only journals allow you to use your ORCID iD to login in their journal submission system, you can also use your ORCID to login in other systems. 

Examples are:

  • OSF - a free, open platform to support your research and enable collaboration.
  • Wiley uses the Crossref TDM service to enable bulk access to content for Text and Datamining (TDM) purposes. For this you need to login to the Crossref service using your ORCID iD. More information is available here.
  • Publons - the author profile from Web of Science. 
  • - a platform for developing and sharing reproducible methods.