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EUR ORCID LibGuide: Pure & ORCID

Connecting your ORCID iD and record to Pure: why and what?

You can connect your ORCID iD and record to your Pure profile, and give the EUR permission to send information from the Pure repository to your ORCID record.

This will save time: publications added from Pure to the EUR Research Portal will be added to your ORCID record as well. This is especially useful for publications that can't be automatically added to your ORCID record in other ways (via the auto-update of Crossref, via a Search and Link Wizard, etc.) - for example publications in local or professional journals, reports, newspaper articles etc. 

Having information added to your ORCID record via an institution works as a 'trust marker': the 'EUR Research Portal' will appear as the source of the information, enabling you and others to be confident that this information is authorative and trustworthy - because it's added by the university itself.

Information from the Pure repository is added to different sections in your ORCID record:

  • Employment - Erasmus University Rotterdam is added
    Please note: your school, function and start date are not added. Unfortunately, you can't enrich this item yourself, so if you want your school, function and start date to be visible, you have to add a second employment item to your ORCID record. 
  • Websites & social links - a link to your profile on the EUR Research Portal is added, as 'Erasmus University Rotterdam profile page'.
  • Other IDs - when available in Pure, your Scopus Author ID and/or ResearcherID are added.
    Please note: this information is not deduplicated: when the identifier is already added to your ORCID record, it will be visible twice. You can solve this by changing the visibility setting to 'Trusted parties' or 'Only me' instead of 'Everyone'.
  • Works - these publications are sent to your ORCID record:
    • Publication state: Published or ePub ahead of print
    • Visibility: Public
    • Workflow status: Validated

If a work is already in your ORCID record, for example added by the auto-update of Crossref, ORCID will group the items when they share an identifier, like the DOI. You can select the preferred source. 

TIP: if you don't want a work to be visible, change the visibility setting to 'Only me' instead of 'Everyone'. When you delete a work from your ORCID record, it will be added again the next time data from the Pure repository is synced.

Connecting your ORCID iD and record to Pure: how?

To make the connection between the Pure repository and your ORCID iD and record:

  • Login to Pure with your EUR credentials
  • Click on Edit Profile on your personal overview page
  • Click Authorize export of content to ORCID (when your ORCID iD is already visible in Pure) or Create or Connect your ORCID iD (when your ORCID iD is not yet visible in Pure, or when you don't have an ORCID iD)
  • Click Proceed
  • Sign in with your ORCID credentials
  • Authorize EUR Research Portal to access your ORCID record
  • Don't forget to click Save at the bottom of the screen in Pure
  • Your ORCID iD is added to your Pure Profile - it's visible below your name.
  • If you click Edit Profile again, you will see an Export link behind your ORCID iD. If you click that link, information will be exported from Pure to your ORCID record immediately. If you don't click the link, information will be exported the next morning.
  • Once connected, the data is updated daily.

The 'EUR Research Portal' is now one of your 'Trusted parties'. 

How to make data imported from Pure invisible

If you don't want information added by Pure to be visible on your ORCID record, it's better to change the visibility settings instead of deleting the information – because when deleted, it will be added again when the data from Pure is synchronized.

To change the visibility settings of an item:

  • Find the item on your ORCID record
  • Select the visibility setting 'Only me'
  • Click Save changes

How to revoke the permission

You can remove the permission given to the EUR Research Portal to update your ORCID record:

  • Login to your ORCID record
  • Click your name at the top of the page and open Trusted parties
  • Find EUR Research Portal in the list of Trusted organizations and click Revoke access behind it
  • Click Revoke access permissions

Please note: the EUR Research Portal will still be able to delete items added via that route, but they will no longer be able to edit or add information.

Pure and ORCID use different classifications for the publication types. Therefore the work type in your ORCID record might be different from the research output type in Pure.

  • A 'Case note' in Pure is imported as 'Other, Other' in ORCID. This will be changed to 'Annotation' after Pure upgrades to the newest version of the ORCID API. This upgrade is expected in the Spring of 2023.