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EUR ORCID LibGuide: Add other information

Add other information to your ORCID record

Next to information about your publications you can add other types of information to your ORCID record. This includes:

Adding employment information

In the Employment section you can add your current and past employment relations. For ORCID employment is 'a formal employment relationship between a person and an organization'. 

  • Click + Add employment
  • Enter the name of the Organization. A list of options will appear. Select your organization.
  • Enter the department and your role or title.
  • Enter the start date and the end date, when applicable. 
  • Check the visibility settings: who is allowed to see this? 
  • Click the button Add to list

Best practice:

  • Choose Erasmus University Rotterdam as your organization
  • Under Department, enter the name of your school, for example Erasmus School of Economics (ESE). When needed, add the name of the department within the school as well. 
  • Set the visibility setting to 'everyone'.

Adding funding information

You can add information about funding grants you have received. You can add them via the DimensionsWizard or manually. 

Via the DimensionsWizard

  • Click + Add funding and choose Search & Link
  • Click DimensionsWizard
  • Authorize the DimensionsWizard 
  • Use the Find by name and/or the Find by grant title to search for grants
  • Tip: If you search by name, use the wildcard in the first name box to include multiple variants for your name. 
  • Mark your grant(s)
  • Click the button Next at the bottom of the page
  • Review the list. 
  • Click the button Submit to ORCID to send the information to your ORCID record.

DimensionsWizard for ORCID

If you can't find your grant, it's possible the funder is not covered by Dimensions. You can check their list here.

Adding peer review activities

Peer review activities can only be added to your ORCID record by a trusted organization. This can be the organizer of the peer review, such as a publisher of funder, or by a third party review recognition service, such as Publons. This means you have to provide your ORCID iD to the organizer of the peer review and/or link your Publons profile to your ORCID iD. And you have to give the review organizer and/or Publons permission to update the review section of your ORCID record.

Please note: the Peer review section becomes visible in your ORCID record when reviews are added.


  • Open Peer reviews in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Click the button Add a Review
  • Enter the information 
  • Or send the review receipt to A review receipt is a confirmation from a journal that you have completed a review. 
  • Some publishers have partnered with Publons and offer their reviewers the option to have their reviews added automatically. 
  • In Publons, click Permissions in the menu on the left side of the screen and click Grant Publons permission to update your ORCID works (this included verified pre-publication reviews). Authorize Publons.

Organizer of the peer review

The organizer of the peer review will ask your permission to update your ORCID record with information about your review contribution.

Websites and social links

You can use the Websites & Social Links section in your ORCID record to add links to personal pages, for example your Google Scholar Profile, LinkedIn profile, Europe PubMed Central profile, your author page in RePub, etc.

  • Click the pencil icon before Websites & Social Links
  • Click the + sign
  • Enter a description
  • Enter the URL 
  • Set the visibility setting (everyone, trusted parties, only me)
  • If necessary, change the order of the links by using the arrows.
  • Click Save changes

ISNI - International Standard Name Identifier

The ISNI - International Standard Name Identifier - is an identifier used by libraries, databases and publishers. The goal is to uniquely identify persons and organizations involved in creative activities, including researchers. It's possible to link your ORCID iD to your ISNI:

  • Click + Add works
  • Click Search & Link
  • Click ISNI
  • Authorize access to ISNI
  • Check the ISNI record – it's possible that the record shown is not your record. In that case, use the search at the top of the page
  • Click add ORCID to ISNI at the left side of the screen
  • Click Save changes - your ORCID iD is now added to the ISNI
  • Click add ISNI to ORCID at the left side of the screen
  • Your ISNI is now visible (and clickable) in your ORCID record under Other IDs