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This guide gives an overview of recommended sources for psychology.


An overview of all e-journals is available in the A-to-Z list of journals. You can also use BrowZine to get an overview of e-journals per discipline - you can find the psychology journals under 'Social Science and Behavioral Science'.

Here we show the five main journals in psychology and some subdisciplines, based on their journal impact factor, published in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) of 2021. 
You are linked to the publisher or database that gives access to the most recent issue of the journal. You can find all links to the journals in the A-to-Z list of journals.


Journals in the JCR-category 'Psychology, Multidisciplinary'.

Biological Psychology

Journals in the JCR-category 'Psychology, Biological'.

Clinical Psychology

Journals in the JCR-category 'Psychology, Clinical'.

Developmental Psychology

Journals in the JCR-category 'Psychology, Developmental'.

Educational Psychology

Journals in the JCR-category 'Psychology, Educational'.

Organizational Psychology

Journals in both the JCR-categories ' Psychology, Applied' and in 'Management'.

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