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Newspapers, magazines & articles on current affairs

Read a current newspaper or magazine in Nexis Uni

Nexis uni website, with "A publication" marked, and a publication name typed in the "find publication" search bar.

  • On the Nexis Uni website, scroll down to 'Guided Search'
  • Select 'A Publication' and fill in the name of the publication under 'Find Publication'
  • Make sure you select the publication from the drop down menu before you press 'Search'. If you get an error message, fill in a common word as a keyword ('the' for English language sources, 'de' for Dutch sources, etc.)

Nexis uni search results page, with "title view" marked, and the "sorted by" option marked.

  • The results page is standard sorted by relevance. Change this by selecting 'Sort by: Date (newest-oldest),' putting the latest articles at the top. To only see the headlines on the results page press the 'title view' icon above the search results.
  • When you have selected an article, occasionally you can view the original page as a PDF. A link below the article will refer to the original page number (usually in the source language).

Find a specific article in Nexis Uni

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Examples of paywall notifications, blocking articles from readers without subscriptions.

Nexis Uni page with "a publication" selected, some title words filled in the "search something specific" bar, and a publication filled in the "find publication" bar.

  • On the Nexis Uni website, scroll down to 'Guided Search' and select 'A Publication.'
  • Under 'Search for something specific?' fill in keywords from (or part of) the title. 
  • Under 'Find publication' type the publication and choose it from the dropdown menu.
  • Press 'Search.'
  • The results page is ordered by relevance. If the article of your choice is not easily found in the results, you may narrow down the search by using filters (such as the date) in the left hand panel.