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Newspapers, magazines & articles on current affairs

Read headlines and articles in Factiva

Please note! Factiva's News Pages will be removed from the website at the end of January 2022.

  • On the Factiva website, click on the 'Home' page.
  • Choose one of the tabs to view headlines from different regions around the world. Each newsstand shows three publications at a time: click the grey dots at the bottom of the newsstand to go to the next page.

Read a current newspaper or magazine in Factiva

screenshot search in Factiva

  • On the (default) Search page of Factiva, fill in a very common word in the Search form. For example 'the' for English.
  • In the dropdown menu after Date, choose the correct date. For newspapers this is usually 'In the last day' but for a magazines this is usually 'In the last week.' This depends on its publication frequency. 
  • Fill in and select the newspaper or magazine that you want to read behind 'Source.'
  • Select the correct Language.
  • Press the Search-button!

In some cases, Factiva does not have the most current issue of a magazine. For example, if it was published yesterday or the publisher has put a (short) time-embargo on the publication.


  • If you search does not give any results, change the 'Date' to a longer timeframe.
  • Press the Search-button again!