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Using the information sources - i.e. databases - provided by the Erasmus University Library is generally subject to restrictions.

Disclaimer database use

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New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Cambridge Core – e-books This link opens in a new window
Full-text access to e-books published by Cambridge University Press, covering 30 subjects across the Humanities, Social Sciences and Medicine. Access is provided until April 30, 2024. After this date a selection of books will be purchased.
Also known as: EDI
A selection of Bristol University Press' 'Equality, diversity and inclusion' collection. Contains books, chapters, and journal articles addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality and Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities. Available until 8 September 2023.
Jus Mundi This link opens in a new window
Jus Mundi is a database for international law and arbitration. The legal content in Jus Mundi is gathered from three key sources: partnerships with international organizations, contributors, and local public sources.
Kluwer - InView This link opens in a new window
  • Dutch only database
  • New
Also known as: InView
InView is a Dutch language legal database aiming to provide quick access to the essence of both legal subjects and jurisprudence. For legal subjects it provides a research overview of the articles, commentaries, jurisprudence and any new developments. For jurisprudence it provides oversight of the grounds on which cases are decided, statistics, and trends.
Policy Commons This link opens in a new window
Also known as: Global Think Tanks
Policy Commons is a platform for objective, fact-based research from the world’s leading policy experts, nonpartisan think tanks, IGOs and NGOs. It includes publications from thousands of organizations, such as the World Health Organization, the Council of Europe, Amnesty International, and the AEI (American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research).
TaxVisions VTO en Thema's This link opens in a new window
Kluwer TaxVisions provides short video presentations on tax-related topics. Every week, new videos are added containing the most important recent tax related decisions and case law (Dutch only).
The Washington Post (1877-2006) This link opens in a new window
Full-text and full-image access from the first issue in 1877 up to 2006.