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Frea Haandrikman

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Frea Haandrikman
Woudestein campus:
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 - Library Building
ISS campus:
Kortenaerkade 12 - Room 3.16
+31 640664382
As faculty liaison librarian I'm responsible for the academic information provision in the fields Sociology and Public Administration, Development Studies at ISS, and the EUC.

• Collection management: purchase of books, journals, and (bibliographic) databases.
• Information- and academic skills.
• Advice and support with Open Access publishing and academic profiling.

• Monday through Friday: 9.30-17.30 hrs)
• Alternately working from home or at Woudestein Campus (University Library) or ISS Campus (room 3.16)

My Guides

Development Studies
Last update: Nov 26, 2021 1128 views
Last update: Nov 22, 2021 3189 views
Public Administration
Last update: Nov 15, 2021 632 views