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Overleaf - LaTeX: Submitting from Overleaf

Journal templates in Overleaf

Below are some publishers that have class files and journals templates that can be used in Overleaf. When preparing your document for publication, it is best to check the journal's website to identify their specific requirements.


Elsevier has its own article class elsarticle that can be used when publishing with Elsevier journals. Information on the article class and recommendations for preparing your manuscript can be found on Elsevier's website.

Oxford University Press

Some of the journals published by Oxford University Press offer Overleaf templates and LaTeX class files. For more information, visit the Oxford University Press website.


Several of Springer's journals have article writing and submission template access via Overleaf. The list of journals with access can be found on the Springer website.

Submitting directly from Overleaf

Overleaf is integrated into many of the publisher's workflows. You can submit your work directly from your LaTeX project by using the submit feature located on the upper right side.


Once you click on the Submit button, the option to submit to academic journals and online repositories, among others, will appear. You can search for the platform you would like to upload to using the search bar under the Featured section.

From here, you can submit directly to a range of journals and to figshare, the platform that hosts the EUR Data Repository, which allows you to showcase your research and make it findable, citable, and reusable for others.