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Overleaf - LaTeX: Getting Started

Create an Overleaf Professional account

If you are affiliated with the EUR, you are eligible for a free upgrade to an Overleaf Professional account. With a professional account, you can add an unlimited number of collaborators to your project.

Claim your Overleaf Professional upgrade by signing up at the Erasmus University resource portal: First, click on the Log in through your institution button. If you are an existing Overleaf user, click on Log in and link and see below for more information. New users can create an account by clicking on Create new account. Overleaf will then receive your information, and an account will be created for you.

Existing accounts

If you are an existing Overleaf user, and have registered your account using a personal email address, you can add your EUR email address to gain access to the EUR license by following these steps.

When the EUR email address is active on your account, you can access the portal page and select the option link accounts to join The Erasmus University license.

After joining the EUR license, please cancel your personal subscription. This can be done here.

Logging in

Once you have obtained an Overleaf Professional account, you can log in by clicking on the "Log in through your institution" button. You will then be prompted to enter your institutional email address to complete logging in.

Note that if you have an ORCID, you can link your ORCID account under "Account Settings". Once your ORCID and Overleaf accounts are linked, you can log in to Overleaf with a single click by clicking on the "Log in with ORCID" option on the Overleaf log in page.

Sharing your document

To share your document with a collaborator, click on the Share button on the upper right part of the screen.


You will then be asked to enter the information of the collaborators you wish to share your document with. When you share your document with a collaborator, they will be able to edit the document as well.

Syncing your document with Dropbox

It is possible to sync your Overleaf projects with Dropbox. To begin, simply click on the Menu tab on the upper left corner and then click on Dropbox under Sync.

You can learn more about syncing your Overleaf projects to Dropbox by visiting this page on syncing to Dropbox.