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Introduction to Bottom-up Open Science Education (BOSE)

This is a two day hands-on Open Science course for PhD students. It is primarily aimed at early career researchers at university medical centres in the Netherlands, but could be used for a broader audience. The course is designed to be taught in a real-life setting and interactive way. The main learning goals are to understand:

  1. Why Open Science can offer solutions to some of the challenges that are (historically) present in science and its importance in society and academia
  2. How to make your science more open, transparent, reproducible, participatory and diverse across all stages of the research cycle
  3. The benefits and difficulties of Open Science, to help you identify when Open Science might be useful to you

All materials are available here: (DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/VR6NG). This includes slides with notes, lesson plans and exercises, information about organisational aspects (e.g., duration, group sizes), and advice about target audience and ideal teacher.

This course was developed as part of the project BOSE with project number OSF23.1.003 of the research programme Open Science Fund which is financed by the Dutch Research Council (NWO). Contributors to the current version of the course are: Marjolein Barendse, Lisanne van Houtum, Neeltje van Haren, Kamil Hiralal and Elisabet Blok. Contributors to a previous version of this course are: Lorenza Dall'Aglio, Bing Xu, Luisa Fassi, Sakshi Ghai, Milan Zarchev, Ana Barbosa Mendes, Neeltje van Haren and Elisabet Blok.

Contact information

Marjolein Barendse

Lisanne van Houtum

Elisabet Blok

Prof. Neeltje van Haren