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Research Data Management: High Performance Computing

SURFsara: High Performance Computing

Erasmus University Rotterdam provides its faculty with advanced computing power to facilitate work on data with EUR colleagues as well as with colleagues from other universities. The SURFsara High Performance Computing Service meets the professional needs of researchers running large jobs or many jobs on a computer.


The Lisa system is a cluster computer meant for people who are in need of large computing capacities (when a normal desktop pc isn't powerful enough), but do not need the facilities of a real supercomputer. The system offers a large number of multi-core nodes, many connected with a fast InfiniBand Network enabling efficient parallel programs. The system is installed and maintained by SURFsara.

Obtaining an account on the Lisa system

The Project Leader of the project (the applicant), downloads the Application form EUR for resources at SURFsara, fill it in and return it for EUR approval by e-mail to

After EUR approval:

SURFsara requests you, for each user in the Application form to sign the Usage agreement Supercomputer systems, and send it to



For support (also for choosing the right High Performance Computing service for you) please contact Erasmus Data Service Centre (EDSC).