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Citing information: Create in-text citations or footnotes

Create in-text citations or footnotes

When you use a reference manager you can add references while you are writing your own papers, often by using an add-on in Word. The style you use prescribes whether you have to use footnotes or in-text citations, and also what information should be in those footnotes or in-text citations. The reference manager knows these rules and will create a bibliography based on the references you've used in your text and the style you select.

When you use RefWorks, the specific tool you can use to insert in-text citations or footnotes depends on the version of Word you are using. 

Microsoft Word 2010, 2013 or 2016 (local installations) Write-N-Cite for Word Download via Tools in your RefWorks account
Microsoft Word 2016 RefWorks Citation Manager Add via Word: Insert > Store
Microsoft Word for Mac 2008 or 2011 Write-N-Cite for Word (Mac) Download via Tools in your RefWorks account
Check the prerequisites!
Microsoft Word for Mac 2016 RefWorks Citation Manager Add via Word: Insert > Store
Google Docs RefWorks for Google Docs Add via add-ons > Get add-ons

The video Writing with RefWorks (6:50) covers the tools you can use when writing a research paper and using RefWorks to supply citations and bibliographies. Word plug-ins from other reference managers often work in a similar way.


Write-N-Cite is a RefWorks tool that makes it easy to insert citations from your RefWorks database and create bibliographies in papers you are writing in Microsoft Word. With Write-N-Cite you can choose from thousands of citation styles and watch as it instantly formats your in-text citations (or footnotes) and bibliography.

You have to install Write-N-Cite on your computer (there are versions for both Windows and Mac), from Tools in your RefWorks account. Write-N-Cite appears as a RefWorks tab in Microsoft Word.

The video Legacy RefWorks Write-N-Cite 4 - The Basics: Inserting Citations & Creating Bibliographies (4:21) gives a good overview of how Write-N-Cite works.

RefWorks Citation Manager

You have to add RefWorks Citation Manager to Word via Insert. In the Store you can search for RefWorks.
Please note: RCM is preinstalled in Word in EUR Office accounts and on EUR PCs.

RefWorks Citation Manager appears as a sidebar in Word. When you have already added RefWorks Citation Manager, you can open the sidebar by selecting Insert > My Add-ins > RefWorks Citation Manager. 

In the video Writing with RefWorks you can see how you can use RefWorks Citation Manager (0:21 - 2:39).