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Alphabetical List of Databases

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New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Chatham House is a world-leading policy institute for international affairs. The archive starts in the founding year of the institute (1920) and runs up to 2008, thereby enabling you to explore close to ninety years of expert analysis and commentary on international affairs. Please note that Flash needs to be installed to be able to view the PDF's of documents. On campus it is therefore advisable to use Google Chrome.
AIReporter is renowned for its investigative focus: offering a window into otherwise confidential proceedings. They offer timely and nuanced reports on the very latest legal pleadings, decisions and arbitral awards - typically before they've been discussed anywhere else.

To stay up to date they offer the possibility to subscribe to e-mail alerts.
Loeb Classical Library offers access to classical Greek and Latin literature, for example from Plato or Homer, with English translations. You can browse by author, by work (Greek or Latin) and by Loeb volume.
The MIT Economics Collection includes work from Nobel Prize winners Michael Spence, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Peter Diamond, James J. Heckman, Paul Krugman, Franco Modigliani, Elinor Ostrom, Edmund S. Phelps, Christopher Pissarides, Herbert A. Simon, and Jean Tirole.
NL Fiscaal offers access to the latest tax news, texts with annotations and background articles as well as the complete NL Fiscal knowledge base.

From mid-2018 onwards, the NL Fiscal Database offers relevant information for tax research, namely parliamentary history, legal texts, case law and decisions.
E-books in Literature, Cultural and Media Studies, published 2017-2020 by Palgrave Macmillan.
Full-text archive of the oldest English-language newspaper in India still in circulation (since 1838). The archive has a moving wall embargo of 10 years, meaning in 2020 content from 2010 will become available.


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